Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Snowing!

I posted this last night because it snowed yesterday, which took us all by surprise as we don't usually get snow this early. I was in my pod yesterday afternoon when someone said to come and look at the snow. Well I went round thinking it might be a sort of sleety light shower and got a shock when I saw this really thick snow with huge clumps of flakes coming down. This lasted for about a half hour, but didn't stick. Later on I went home at 4.30, walked out of the office building, where hubby was waiting for me in the car, to be met by a white world and falling snow (normal this time, not the huge stuff we'd had earlier). We only live a 5 minute drive from work so got home ok. I grabbed the camera and dashed to the patio doors to capture the moment for posterity :-)It continued to snow for another hour.

This morning there was still snow on the ground and trees, but not thick, but it was Oc. We had to run the car engine for a while, and even then had a heck of a job getting the car doors open as they were frozen shut! The country didn't seem to grind to a halt, which it tends to when we get a bit of snow and ice. There was a bit of bellyaching that the councils were slow getting the gritting lorries out, but by and large it didn't cause too much mayhem!

I can remember back in the fifties when we used to have real snow, up to the windowsills, with ice thick on the windows and huge icicles hanging from the gutters. And we didn't have double glazing and central heating or fitted carpeting in those days either. I don't know how we coped! :-) Nor were there big supermarkets just down the road to nip to in an emergency. Better wrap this up, I'm beginning to sound like a sketch out of Monty Python!

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Dianne said...

it snowed here in NJ too, up north and west got accumulation, we just got wet snow.