Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday: My first attempt!

Scrapbook Saturday is a new innovation by MammaDawg. I have to admit when she invited me to join in I felt some trepidation as I have not been scrapbooking for very long and don't have much of a collection built up to exhibit. This is in fact my first attempt at scrapbooking so please make allowances. The hardest thing I find is choosing elements and knowing where to place them for best effect. In fact I love browsing through other peoples scrapbooking web pages & albums looking for ideas and inspiration and hopefully will get better with practice!

For a good source of very nice scrapbooking material try Mangels Designs and for a great way to display your digital scapbook pages I recommend Flip Album or FLIP Flash Album.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

(Not) Wordless Wednesday

OK, so it's not Wednesday - and it's not exactly wordless!, but having missed it I thought what the heck! Here's a lovely picture of Hubby together with the Step Daughter & new Grandson aged 12 weeks - all together now, Aaaaaaw. The pic below is of my daughter and grandson - so that's the whole family covered!

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Wallpaper paste creates havoc!

Well if it's not one thing, it's another! Having cancelled the holiday in Devon due to the weather being so pants, and having been at home for over a week with only his PC and Flight Simulator to keep him amused, Hubby decided that this would be a good time to finish decorating the kitchen!

This is a project he started about 6 months ago. Every time he painted the walls he decided after a couple of weeks that he wasn't happy with the colour, so he would go out and buy some more paint! The last layer was a lemony yellow which we both agree is too bright as the tiles and cupboards are a sort of oatmeal colour. So yesterday he went and bought some ivory cream paint and a roll of lining paper to improve the finish of the old walls. He had just climbed up the stepladder to place his first piece with a big bucket of freshly mixed wallpaper paste.

I suddenly heard this huge crash followed by an ominous silence, and then the air turned blue! I rushed out to find that he had knocked the bucket off a shelf and it had cascaded on to the floor, covering the electric meter and mains switches in wallpaper paste on the way down!

45 minutes later we had managed to clear it all up, using a dustpan to scoop up the layer on the floor, which is fortunately vinyl sheet. We went through about 2 rolls of kitchen paper and several of the dogs towels came in handy as well! Finally we were able to clean up the last vestiges of paste with a big dampened decorating sponge. God, that stuff is sticky!!

We had turned off the electric as soon as we saw the danger and had to take out all the fuses and clean them off before switching it back on again. Fortunately the viscose nature of the paste meant it had not penetrated into the innards of the elctrics so we were able to clean it up without too much trouble and switched everything back on OK - but it was a scary 10 minutes I can tell you!

Anyway we could well have done without that as it put Hubby's schedule back quite a bit, but trouper that he is, he got right back on it and has now finished the wallpapering, which has improved the overall look a lot, and has started painting the walls. He is perched on the worktop trying to paint round the top of the walls without getting it on the ceiling as well. I may go and give him a hand presently - or there again I may not (I've always found it best to just let him get on with it!).

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What a wash out!

At this point I'd like to tell you all about the great holiday we just had in beautiful, sunny Devon - but I can't - because we didn't!

We were all booked up to go down for a week in the caravan, we had found this great site overlooking the river Dart, just down from the picturesque town of Dartmouth and with great views across the river. I was really looking forward to lovely evenings with great views & sunsets and days spent exploring the Torbay area, Dartmoor and the South Hams. One of the most beautiful areas in the UK.

Sadly it was not to be. The British Weather decided to do it's damndest and it became obvious by lunchtime on Saturday that it would be a complete waste of time to go. There was even a Severe Weather Warning put out for Devon with torrential rain and gale force winds forecast for pretty much the entire week.

So after some discussion and with the thought of trying to cope with 2 soaking wet dogs in a fairly small caravan every time they had to be taken for walks, and no chance of glorious views or sunsets etc., we sadly came to the conclusion there was nothing for it but to cancel the holiday and stay at home!

The only consolation has been the conviction we did the right thing as we stare out of the window at the lashing rain and the wind bending the trees. At least we are warm and dry and comfy cosy even if the British Summer has forsaken us. We just have to hope the week we have booked in September in the Lake District will prove better (she says optimistically - but don't hold your breath!).

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