Monday, May 02, 2011

New Zazzle sale to Brazil: Friends Forever Dog Art Button

Just sold one of my Dog Art Buttons to a customer in Brazil. These feature my own dogs, Pepsi & Max, a west highland white terrier and a Scottish terrier. This is my third sale in Brazil and this is why Zazzle is so great for getting a world wide audience for one's designs. Now just waiting for a Japanese customer! This design is available on lots of different products like mugs, t-shirts, magnets etc.

Talking of the boys, we've just had them back from the groomers after one of their quarterly clips and they look lovely. But I'm not happy with the job they've done, Pepsi particularly doesn't seem particularly clean and I'd have to say has not been bathed, despite them assuring hubby they would be when he dropped them off. Last time we took them to this groomers we thought Pepsi had been clipped a little too severely, particularly round his neck, and again this time it's happened, only even worse. I also noticed that neither dog was keen on going up the stairs to the grooming salon when we arrived, which is not like them. So I think we can fairly safely say we won't be using this particular groomer again

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Paris Fashion Houses of 1910 Video

This is my latest Vintage Fashion Video for my YouTube channel CHARMAINEZOE. It is a collection of original photographs showing the Salons of eminent designers of the Belle Epoque period in Paris, including Paquin, Worth, Doucet, Callot Sisters etc. There are many shots of the various salons themselves as well as the fashions of the period, but also a large number of behind the scenes shots showing the actual design and construction of the gowns including sewing rooms, cutting rooms, embroiderers rooms etc, which are a wonderful insight into the life of these famous Salons.