Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not a Good Start!

Today did not start well! Hubby left at 6.30am to get down to London, which meant I had to get a taxi to work for 8am, so rang & ordered one for 7.45. I'm downstairs getting the dogs their breakfast when the doorbell rings at 7.15. I'm wearing nothing but a pair of knickers (having figured its too early for the postman - not that I was expecting anything anyway) so have to scrabble to find something to wear in a hurry (cant go back up stairs as the front door is glass!) Find a pair of hubbys jog pants in the tumble dryer & a fleecy I've left on the sofa, so go to the door fairly presentable.

Open the front door & porch door (forgetting I've not closed the lounge door behind me) and lean out to shout over to the taxi driver that he's too early. This is the moment Pepsi, my west highland white terrier (Westie) decides to make a bolt for it and I see him dash past me, out the drive and disappear round the corner! Now on past experience I know he's not stopping but I go after him anyway. Not easy in slip on soft slippers! By the time I turn the corner into Middlemore Road, he's off & running and I can see him disappearing into the distance, but fortunately he's sticking to the pavement & not sidetracking into the gardens. By now I'm in a state of collapse as I have really over exerted myself and all I can do is stand and watch him. Fortunately by now the taxi driver has realised I'm not coming back & there must be a problem, so he drives after Pepsi and is able to catch up with him and brings him back to the house, drops him off & goes off on his next call.

All this means I have no time to wash my hair or put my make up on and just manage to get dressed before the taxi is back. So I arrive at work looking a right dogs dinner & feeling pretty much the same as well as being very much on the shaky side still. So Not a good start to the day!