Monday, October 01, 2012

September Sales on my Store (Kaleidoscope Kreations)

I've had another good month for sales on from my KALEIDOSCOPE KREATIONS store. One order was from a customer in Australia for 24 assorted postcards, another for a wallclock to a customer in California and I've sold another tie to a customer in Michigan.

I was also delighted to sell a case for one of the new iPhone 5 mobile phones to a customer in Connecticut, USA. I had only just put up a load of cases for this model when I sold this one and she picked one of my favourite designs as well!

My other big sale was 3 throw pillows/cushions with a monogram design to a customer in La Habra, DE (not sure where that is!.
Smaller sales did well too, I sold several magnets with Rudolf Valentino, Theda Bara and Mae Murray designs to a customer in Toronto, Canada, and a customer in Texas bought a selection of my kaleidoscope designs on Greetings cards.

I have also been busy adding new designs and products to my VINTAGE VARIETY store, which is quite an eclectic collection of vintage material, old adverts, engravings, fashion, movies etc, anything that catches my eye and I like enough to add. Hopefully people will like my selections enough to buy them :-) So please check it out.
Kaleidoscope iPhone 5 Case
Kaleidoscope iPhone 5 Case by CharmaineZoe
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Swirling Leaves Tie
Swirling Leaves Tie by CharmaineZoe
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