Saturday, January 09, 2010

COLOR 4 LIFE! a new range of Zazzle T-Shirts

It's still below freezing here and we even had a light snowfall, although tomorrow is supposed to be bad for snow again! There is still plenty on the ground and ice is a big problem. Apparently the councils are running out of salt and grit and having to cut back on the roads they treat, concentrating just on main roads. Not good for anyone trying to negotiate residential streets. We're lucky that we live on a bus route so most of our routes to work, shopping etc will be kept well gritted.

Our Garden in the Snow

While it's been so cold and snowy and not condusive to going out anywhere I've been beavering away at my Zazzle store (Best sale this week is a couple of ties to a gent in Houston, Texas - nice!) and just introduced a new range of designs. COLOR 4 LIFE! is a fantastic new range of T-Shirts & Sweatshirts each featuring a colorful kaleidoscopic design and each available in 60 different colours and styles for men, women, kids and babies. So far there are over 30 lovely designs with lots more to come. These are just a few of my latest designs for the range.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Latest Moving Mandala Videos, real Kaleidoscopic Extravaganzas!

I've just uploaded the latest kaleidoscopic extravaganzas from Kaleidoscope Kreations. These are a series of Moving Mandala videos featuring constantly changing animated kaleidoscopic patterns set to music, which are available to view on my YouTube Channel. I now have 8 videos in the Moving Mandalas series plus a set of slideshows, all set to music and very meditative, relaxing and, I hope, enjoyable.