Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our New Web Pages

I can't believe its so long since I posted on here! I've had my trip to Ireland which was fantastic. I'll have to do a post on this alone. Spent Christmas & New Year in the caravan in Devon - that was fun! This is the caravan we bought on eBay, a two berth tourer about 10 yrs old but in great condition and a real bargain!We also spent a week in Wales in it. The dogs love going away in it, they always know when we start packing for a trip and get really excited.

This Blog seems to be getting less and less about the dogs and more about me, probably because, lets face it, all the dogs do mainly is eat, sleep and pee & poo! I don't know if its because they are getting older (Pepsi is now 3 and Max is not far behind) but they are getting into far less scrapes these days and are much less destructive than previously (I'm probably tempting fate here!). I've now got pages for them on YouTube and MySpace as well as an album of photos on Webshots (This has been getting between 500 & 600 hits a week!).

The links are
Click on the pic below to be taken to Webshots
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by charmainezoe

Hope you take the time to have a look and enjoy seeing the videos and pictures of the boys that are now available on them.

I've also rediscovered which I hadn't used for a couple of years and was very impressed with all the new bells & whistles. One of my interests on the internet is collecting graphics, particularly fractal art & glitter tags (I also collect 3D images), I have quite good collections built up now and have uploaded them all to PhotoBucket for storage and accessability. I have also been playing around with their slideshow & video creation facilities and have put together a very nice vid of some of the best fractal art I have collected, complete with music track.