Friday, May 30, 2008

I Come a Cropper in the Caravan!

Well last weekend was a Bank Holiday here so we decided to make it a nice long one and booked the friday off as well. Thursday evening we were packing the caravan ready to drive up to Bridgnorth that evening and I was carrying an armful of clothes up the steps when suddenly my whole world started tipping sideways and I came off them with a hell of a crash, landing on the ground with one leg inside the caravan and my head and the other leg hitting the deck so hard I couldn't move for several minutes. Hubby had been standing in the porch behind me and saw me go but couldnt do anything to stop me. He says he saw my head hit the ground and was waiting for the blood to start pouring out, thinking 'oh well, it's off to A & E, that's the end of the caravan trip!' But I'm a tough old bird and have had several nasty falls in the past, including one where I put my head through a glass door! but always seem to get away with nothing worse than some bad bruising. ( I think I must have been a cat in a previous life and saved up some of my nine lives to carry over!). Anyway after a sit down for half an hour and a cup of tea to calm my nerves while hubby packed the rest of the van we were off - or so we thought!

When we tried switching on the motor of the brand new caravan mover we'd had fitted a couple of weeks ago, nothing, nada, zip! So we had to try and get the 'van on to the car and off the drive ourselves, not easy given the angles and slope involved (which is one reason we got the mover in the first place!). We eventually managed to get it down onto the road, narrowly missing a lamppost by centimetres in the process! The roads were nice and clear so we had a nice drive up to the Stanmore Hall Caravan Park in Shropshire and were shown to our pitch by one of the wardens.

Having got ourselves plugged in and the water set up, we switched on the kitchen tap to check the system. I could hear this strange hissing sound which we'd never heard before. On checking its source we realised there was water fizzing out from the bottom of the shower unit in the bathroom. Fortunately there is a drain hole in the bottom of the shower tray so at least it had somewhere to go, but we use the cubicle for storage so this was not good! The only way we could get it to stop was to switch off the pump, which meant for several days of our stay we could only turn on the taps for a few seconds at a time! A few days later after much cursing at the caravan dealership who had just performed a service on the 'van and had fitted the mover and who were less than helpful when we rang them,hubby decided to take a look for himself and unscrewed the front of the unit, exposing all the pipework inside. When we turned the pump back on to see where the leak was coming from, guess what - no leak! He must have touched something when he took the cover off and whatever he did it stopped the leak. Well, that was so easy he decided to take a look at the mover.

On stripping the bunk seat which the gubbins for the mover was under hubby started peering in to the space. I was standing to one side and suddenly noticed what looked like a TV coaxial cable & plug sticking up in the air. Not far from it was a strange looking fitting with yellow and green colouring sticking out of the mover box. What's that? say I, that doesnt look right! After directing hubby to the mystery cable he tried sticking it in the mystery fitting and guess what, it fitted! So Bob's your uncle, Fannies your aunt, not only did we manage to sort out the water but also got the mover working - relieved is not the word for it!

Anyway despite our problems (and they say all bad things come in 3's!) we had a lovely long weekend. The Caravan Park was beautiful with a lovely big lake with lilies & ducks and immaculately maintained grounds. As well as a spotless shower block and washing up room. We toured round the area, visiting Bridgnorth a couple of times, as well as Shrewsbury, Ironbridge & Much Wenlock, all very pretty and historic, going back to medieval times, so lots to see and admire. Shropshire is a lovely county and May is a smashing month to visit.

We are now looking to our next holiday away in the caravan in July when we are off down to Devon and a site on the river just down from Dartmouth - can't wait!