Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Sales on my Zazzle.com Store

This month sales have mostly been American again (most of my customers are in the U.S.) but also had sales in Australia, Germany and what I think is my first sale to Finland. Most sales have consisted of smaller items such as greetings cards, and postcards, stickers, magnets buttons/badges, and keychains, but also sold a hat (the Finland sale) and a big canvas print of the boys (Pepsi and Max), which went to a customer in Florida and a bumper sticker. So to all my customers, many thanks :-)
So what's new at Kaleidoscope Kreations? Well, the really big news is my new Pillow throw/Cushion Dept. I now have hundreds of gorgeous designs to choose from at http://www.zazzle.com/charmainezoe/gifts?cg=196221954003498549. These are split over 6 different collections to make it easier to browse through them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My New Cushion Shop Opens!

I had my lovely little Grandson stay over with his Mummy and her friend for the weekend. We were going to the Company BBQ this afternoon but got some sad news which meant we didn't go in the end. My Son in Law had gone up to visit his Grandfather who he hadn't seen in years but who was seriously ill. Sadly he died this morning but at least Dan had a cahnce to say goodbye and know that his Grandad had not forgotten him and recognised him, and was even able to do a bit of reminiscing with him before he died. Caiti of course wanted to be at home when Dan got back to be able to comfort him so they decided to leave early and we made the decision to forgo on the BBQ as none of us were in the mood. We just made ribs with grilled sausage in buns and a salad for lunch before they left, which was easy and suited everyone.

While they were amusing themselves watching the TV I was working away on my PC. I wanted to bring my Zazzle Store up to speed with some of the new products that are now available, so spent some time adding some great designs to a load of cushions and pillows. These are now available in my new 'store within a store'. Below are some of the many designs available, just click on the link underneath to visit and see the rest.