Thursday, April 13, 2006

Latest list of Destruction!

These are the latest additions to the trail of destruction the boys have left behind them!:-

bluetooth headset totally destroyed
a watch
USB cable for external hard drive
new vinyl floor in utility room
extension cable
hose pipe
Another dog door
large sponge & chamois leather from car wash kit (you wouldn't believe the area of floor one of those big sponges can cover when its been reduced to crumbs)

As I said in my last blog we have moved to a new house in a new area of the country and Pepsi has managed to escape at least a dozen times before we Pepsiproofed the garden. He seemed to prefer Sunday mornings for his escapades and we have spent many a merry hour chasing round the neighbourhood and knocking on doors! If nothing else its a good way to meet the new neighbours (although I'm not sure how much they appreciate being disturbed on a Sunday morning to find a little white dog digging up their garden!!).

Our new garden is a lot bigger than the last one and surrounded by trees including two large oak trees which both have squirrels dreys and at least 2 squirrels living in each one. We have Tony & Cherie at No 10 in one, and Bill & Hilary in the White House in the other one. This also has a pair of Magpies we've called Dennis & Maggie living in the Penthouse as they have just built a large nest at the very top of the tree. The squirrels come down into the garden to forrage several times a day and drive the boys wild! but the squirrels have learnt that they cant reach them as they are confined to the patio area. They also like to run around in the tree which over hangs the patio and of course this drives Pepsi mad. There are a lot more birds in this garden as well and its very entertaining watching all the comings and goings. We have put up a hanging stand for a bird table and peanut feeder and get many visitors to these.