Sunday, January 16, 2005

Andrex Puppies!!!!!

Pepsi & Max have just come in from the garden filthy dirty and proceeded to trash the back lobby and adjoining bathroom. Not only have they liberally spread mud around, they've shredded a toilet roll they found in the bathroom and started redecorating by stripping off some of the wallpaper! I love that 'Who me?' expression on Pepsi's face, talk about butter not melting in the mouth!Posted by Hello

This is Max aged 4 months taken on 14/1/2005. He has got to be one of the most laid back dogs I know, if he was any more laid back he'd be horizontal. (which actually he is for much of the time, the only time he becomes really animated is at dinner time when he goes into a lovely little dance). If Pepsi didn't keep him on his toes and give him a good runaround several times a day he'd be a real little pudding. We weighed them both yesterday and Max was a pound heavier than Pepsi, despite him being 3 months younger!!!! We really have to watch him, he can finish off Dinner in 30 seconds flat (and frequently does, I've timed him!) and then goes after Pepsi's.Posted by Hello

Pepsi at 6 months old

Pepsi is a real sweetie, but if there is trouble, whether it be of the chewing , peeing, pooing or eating variety he is usually behind it! Posted by Hello