Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not a well bunny!

Sadly been off work for the last 3 days with the dreaded lurgy and feeling pretty grim. Been coughing like a 100 cigs a day smoker and now started sneezing for England. I can't believe the amount of snot/phlegm/mucous I'm producing - especially when I do both together - it's like something from a horror movie! Can't see my self being able to return to work until next week and just glad I've got Pepsi and Max for company, who are being positively angelic, it's almost like they know I'm really poorly and taken the decision to not hassle me. Talking of whom, we got the good news yesterday that Max's biopsy results showed there was no cancer to be found in the lump they removed from his chest last week, and it was just a benign histiocytoma. So to get that news was a huge relief, as the alternative outcome was just too scary to contemplate!