Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feeling sorry for myself!

Went to bed fine on Friday about 1am, but woke up again at 4am with the feeling something was wrong, sure enough my throat and chest didn't feel quite right and I had a slight tickly cough. This has now developed into a really nasty cough, with me feeling headachy and cream crackered! So washed out I can't bring myself to find the energy to work on my Society6 artwork and promotions (Imagine that!) I feel a snooze coming on even now :-) Will just have to see how I feel tomorrow as to whether I go in to work or not, unfortunately that's where I picked it up as we've loads of staff all coughing and spluttering and it just gets recycled by the air conditioning! Surprised it's taken this long to pick something up. Think I may be in for a miserable week or two! :-(

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