Friday, June 30, 2006

At last! We have a bathroom!

Hurrah! at long last our cloakroom and bathroom have both been finished. It has taken a lot of time and money to get to this stage (not to mention mess and inconvenience) and for four weeks we were completely without a bathroom and were showering in a gazebo on the patio, with one end of a a push on shower tube attached to the kitchen taps and the other end coming out through the window and taped up to one of the gazebo's roof poles, with a couple of duckboards on the patio for our feet to stand on! It was like something from MASH! I have pics of Ian taking a shower but they are definitely not for public consumption :-) Fortunately this was during parts of May and June so although it was raining on a number of occasions it wasn't particularly cold and even when it was the hot water in the cold air was quite invigorating!

We are very pleased with the results however and I can't believe the transformation from a very dated 1970's bathroom with a pink suite and brown tiles (yeeugh!!) and a shower that just dripped, to a sparkling white and black paradise with a D shaped shower enclosure, a lovely large vanity unit and modern bath and toilet. We had the old suspended ceiling (what was that all about!?) ripped down and the dividing wall between the toilet & bathroom demolished, making one spacious, light & airy room.

Downstairs we extended the cupboard under the stairs to make a lovely cosy cloakroom with a corner basin and modern w.c. We had the floor tiled in a lovely mottled terracotta with faint traces of blue and the walls half tiled in a pale terracotta, while the rest of the walls and ceiling was painted in a very pale soft apricot. I have to say it does looks lovely and its so nice not to have to go upstairs every time you need the loo!