Friday, August 31, 2012

August Sales on my Store

Quite a few multiple sales this month for things like greetings cards, postcards, stickers and magnets, to customers in the U.S., Netherlands, Germany and the U.K. I had one customer in Michigan purchase a tie and then return and buy another one a week later. So he obviously liked my designs. I love selling ties, as they are such personal items and the thought of someone on the other side of the world walking around wearing my designs gives me a real thrill, and is such a compliment to my work. I have loads of lovely designs at THE TIE RACK. So thanks Harry and to all my customers this month.
So what's new at the store this month? Well, I've been working on some of the new products now available from Zazzle. These include clocks, pitcher jugs, teapots and playing cards, as well as cases and covers for iPad's, iPod's, Kindles and Laptops etc., - so if your looking for something a bit different to decorate your home or electronics then check the store out at KALEIDOSCOPE KREATIONS, where there are over 3,000 products to explore. New customers always welcome :-)