Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kaleidescope fun!

Photo Sunset animation
I've been having so much fun this weekend playing with my kaleidescope creating program called Dazzling Reflections from Poppy Hill Designs. I even managed to create an animated gif with them, the first time I've tried this. I used a photo of a lovely sunset with dainty birch trees silhouetted against it that I took in Wales last year when we were on holiday in our caravan. I made 5 different kaleidescopes with this particular photo and put them in Serif's PhotoPlus X2 to create the gif. You can see one of the kaleidescopes and the photo below.

I have done lots more as well, many with lovely bright colours and most are in .png format with transparent backgrounds. You can see them all at Flickr. Make sure you view the original size if you want to download a .png. Theres a piece of fun art using some of these more colourful ones below as well.

Wales sunset

Photo Sunset 2