Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz: opens doors to one and all!

Now you can get your webpages listed on Yahoo!Buzz. As of today it is opening its doors to all publishers and could well give Digg a run for its money.

Yahoo said that Web publishers from large players to the niche blogs will be able to add content to Buzz via simple code by going to this site. If you don't already have a Yahoo! account you can register HERE. For an example of the Buzz button have a look at the bottom of this post, but there are quite a few variations availabe.

Meanwhile, Yahoo says that any page on the Web can be added to Buzz. That addition means that Web pages that theoretically aren’t in a news or blog format can be submitted as notable content.

"Any of the Web's best current event stories, gossip, photos, videos and more can be submitted and shared on Yahoo! Buzz," explains Tapan Bhat on Yodel Anecdotal.

He then continues, "You've already seen the 'Buzz Up' buttons on many of your favorite sites, including New York Times, Us Weekly and BoingBoing. Now, as any site is able to add our button, you'll have even more places to buzz to your heart's content. And if you don't see that button on a Web story you just have to share, you can submit a story right on Yahoo! Buzz."

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