Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: a crab in a cube!

This is my photo for Ruby Tuesday. It is of one of my two red clawed crabs. His name is Buster - the other is Biff! They live in our aquarium with a selection of tropical fish. They are also called Thai Crabs as they originally come from the mangrove swamps and mudflats of South East Asia. Their proper name is Sesarma Bidens. The biggest problem we have with them (apart from their tendency to eat fish!) is that they are great escapers. We often find them in the filter or even out of the tank! This despite the fact we have taped up every means of escape we can see! Here's some more pics of Buster & Biff!
This is the original photo I used for the Rubik's Cube which was created at Dumpr.net

Why not join in and post a Ruby Tuesday picture yourself, the rules are simple. Just post a picture with red in it, but it must be one of your own and it can be of anything you like. For more details hop over to The Teach at Work of the Poet and check out the blogroll.

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Ivanhoe said...

It looks like you have two little David Copperfields :o) And they are cute as well. Have a great RT!

MammaDawg said...

lol - OMG - Buster and Biff are a trip. I am SO *NOT* going to show my boys this coz then I know they'd want to get their own little Coppefields! ;)

Tommy V said...

nice red and love the cube.

Leora said...

Pleased to meet Buster and Biff. Cute crabs.

Carletta said...

Cute crab!
I love that cube image.
I posted a different kind of crab for my Ruby Tuesday.

the teach said...

Love your red crabs and the picture in the Rubik's cube! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Raven said...

Buster and Biff a such cute little escape artists! Wonderful series of photos. The Rubik's Cube is very clever.

Dianne said...

Buster & Biff! Great names.

the cube you created is amazing.

my son had hamsters who were escape artists. every time they breached security we would fix it and then they'd find a new way.