Thursday, August 14, 2008

They're digging us up again!

We have this monstrosity parked outside this morning! They are replacing all the water mains around here at the moment, so I suppose it will be a good thing in the long run! It's just that for now all the pavements are being dug up so the roadworks are horrendous and everytime they finish one road they just move to a new one so you never know when you are going to be held up! At least we had advance warning so left the car off the drive last night and didn't wake up to find ourselves penned in!

I got sent one of those funny emails today with amusing pictures and this one really caught my eye. Its an office with fish tanks as desk dividers! Now thats really cool - I wish my office was like that, but sadly it's not! Our desk dividers are 5' high and grey, so we all exist in our little pods, each about 6' x 6' with an L shaped grey desk, a grey chair and a grey pc & monitor in the corner. There are also some grey overhead storage lockers and a drawer unit under the desk. Not exactly a stimulating environment you'll agree :-)

The one advantage it has is access to the internet when I am not busy, together with a large amount of privacy - a winning combination!

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Koen & Claire said...

Wow I hope you where able to get out of your drive-way!
I like your blog, especially the peacock, will be popping in regularly!

Jude said...

I hate when they dig up the whole sidewalk. They did that at my brothers and it was a total mess. Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment and I love your dogs. I have a Eskie and a Lab/Pit mix. Have a great day.