Friday, August 15, 2008

Our lovely olde worlde English Pubs

Its been exactly 3 years since we moved up to Kings Norton in Warwickshire from Bournemouth in Hampshire, on the south coast. From being within a few minutes of the sea and beaches we are now as far from them as you can get in this country! The move was necessitated due to the takeover of the company Hubby works for. They were bought out by an American company based in Houston, Texas who no longer wanted their employees working out of home. Hubby had been with the company 7 years and had always done this, so it was something of a shock when he was told we either move up here or take redundancy. Apart from the fact we are both over 50 and it would have been hard to go back into the employment market Hubby loved his job. So the decision was reluctantly made, we sold our house in Bournemouth and bought one up here.

More of this story later :-) Anyway tonight we went out for a drink at our favourite watering hole to celebrate the anniversary. The Red Lion at Alvechurch is only 10 minutes away from here and is in a beautiful olde worlde village. It has recently been given a spruce up since the smoking ban came into force and is now even better than before with lovely big armchairs and new seating, It has loads of character with old beams and woodwork, candles in sconces on the walls & tables and in the winter months two huge log fires in its original big old fireplaces. So you can see why we like it so much.

We are lucky in that we have several really great pubs within a 10 minute drive, all with the lovely olde worlde character we love.

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