Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Wow! wasn't it just amazing? I was lucky and remembered to set it to record before I went to work on Friday, and I'm so pleased I did. The 'highlights' shows simply didn't do it justice. I have watched it 3 times since then and I'm still amazed by it! There were so many stunning sections to it, but the massed drummers, printing press & massed oars were my favourites, although I loved the colour & spectacle and the 4 (or was it 5!) firework displays as well. I wanted to put some videos from YouTube on my other blog, News, Views, Thrills & Spills! for anyone who had missed it. but they are deleting any actual videos because of copyright.But I did manage to find a really good slide show. so drop in HERE if you would like to see it. Another great slide show is HERE.

These are just some of the amazing statistics about the Olympics

100 million - $US spent on the opening and closing ceremonies by Beijing officials.
15,000 - singers, musicians, dancers and other performers used during the three-hour spectacular.
5,000 - of whom were drawn from the Chinese Liberation Army.
1 - electric fan placed in each flag pole, thus circumventing the still conditions inside the Bird's Nest.
29,000 - rounds of fireworks.
230 - Australian athletes who marched at the National Stadium from a squad of 433.
90,000 - spectators, the stadium's capacity, attended the opening of the Games.
205 - nations attending the 29th Olympic games.
08/08/08 - the date chosen for the opening ceremony. Eight is considered a lucky number to the Chinese. The production began at 8.08 pm, local time.
4 billion - viewers worldwide who took in the ceremony.

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