Friday, August 29, 2008

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PlugMe.Net is a very useful widget for your blog, that lets your readers plug in their own blinkies and buttons, saving you the trouble! Have a look at the one on my sidebar for a working example. PlugMe offers free remotely hosted advanced plugboards to use on your very own website or blog. Each plugboard can be easily customized and administered through your online control panel. There's no tricky installation to do and you could have a plugboard on your website in seconds, just register (for free) and enter the code from your control panel onto your website.

* Easy to use.
* Have up to 60 buttons showing at a time.
* 10 buttons secretly archived - They will show if buttons are deleted in your admin panel.
* Ban users IPs including ranges.
* Ban domains from plugging.
* Plug deletion and editing via admin panel.
* Flood control to prevent spammers.
* E-mail notify option - Receive an Email whenever someone plugs on your plugboard.
* Porn protection.
* Disable posting.
* Background colour or transparency ability.
* Customizable sized board.
* Completely free!
* No scripting abilities needed, just insert a short piece of code into your site.
* Works on almost all websites.
* Plugboard directory - Gets your site listed and more visitors.

Coming soon

* Ability to stop a button/url showing on the plugboard more than once.
* Sticky buttons ability.

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