Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming or Going?

Well, I don't know whether I am coming or going at the moment! I have so much on the go I'm beginning to know how a hamster feels running in circles in it's wheel - and it has my sympathy!

Since joining Entrecard my visitor numbers have increased dramatically, which is great, I love having so many people from all around the world drop in, even if it's only to drop their card. But I like to think my blog is interesting enough for some to stop and pause a while and they must do judging by the number of comments I get, which is lovely. I have now installed a Recent Droppers widget and a new Chatterbox for anyone that want's to say hi!

Plus I have my other 2 blogs, News, Views, Thrills & Spills & Family History for Beginners on the go as well! And I spend a good couple of hours in the evenings going round dropping my cards and always try to read as many blogs as possible. I spent hours at the weekend tweaking the coding for this blog and installed dropbars on the sidebar to hold my galleries of blog buttons & blinkies plus the BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog & SpicyPage widgets and an over 50's blogroll. If you haven't already, do check them out. I also managed to install a fancy post divider - but haven't worked out how to stop it overlapping the comments etc :-( Give me time though!

Then of course I compile family histories for family and friends. I am in the middle of winding one up now for a friend. She wanted one for her father in laws 80th birthday next month. I have been working on it for a couple of months and have a couple of branches back to the 17th century. Now just as we are coming in to the home stretch she has handed me 4 pages of tiny writing with details of all the grandchildren which I have to decipher and add to the tree tonight, and which I have been trying to get her to produce for weeks. Then I have to produce a narrative that makes sense and print it all out plus at least half a dozen different diagrams. I use 4 different programs because some produce better diagrams for one aspect than another and so on, bind it all and burn a CD with the complete tree produced like a web site that can be opened in a browser. Whew!!

I also like scrapbooking and enjoy producing something for Scrapbook Saturday. I have just bought a new program I am enjoying playing with at the moment which is a bit different and am hoping to have something decent ready for this weeks SS. I intend writing a post about it when I have some spare time (she laughs hysterically!)

I work full time and have 2 dogs to entertain when I get home (fortunately no kids at home now!)as well. Hubby often has to leave early in the morning to go on a software installation and has a long journey. This morning he dropped me at work at 6.30am (fortunately the building is manned 24/7 so I was able to get to my desk and log on for a couple of hours :-) But he had a 3 and half hour journey to go down to Clacton on the south coast, and won't be back until nearly 8pm.

At least in 3 weeks time we are taking the caravan to the Lake District for a week and have a nice pitch on a lovely site right on the banks of Lake Windermere - where there is no internet! And I can't wait :-) (It'll probably pour with rain knowing our luck!!)

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Sassy Mama Bear said...

It never is enjoyable to feel pulled in a hundred directions I get there far too frequently myself. Just hang in there and that vacation sounds wonderful, we did not get one this year.

Mojo said...

Omigosh... I had a Viewmaster when I was a kid. We thought they were all the rage... Never heard of this Vistascreen though. Looks intriguing!
- Mojo

Mountain Woman said...

Wow, are you busy! I hope you have a great vacation with no rain at all.

Brady Frost said...

It sure does sound like you've got a lot on your plate. Keep at it though and try not to lose your mind. You'll make it, sure enough.

Relax Max said...

I'm glad you joined Entrecard too. Wouldn't have met you otherwise, I don't think. Don't be discouraged if most of the traffic is worthless - a few of us will still take the time to read your blog. I did. I like it!

(And thank you for your interesting comment on one of my own blogs. :)