Monday, August 04, 2008

A Garden Story of Ponds, Patios & Oak Trees!

We've had an absolutely smashing weekend. The weather was great, really hot (78C) by our standards, so we were able to get out in the garden and actually do some work. Hubby managed to cut the privet hedge and mow the lawn and I cleared a lot of the weeds from a couple of the flower beds, so the garden looks a lot more respectable now.

It was so hot and humid we spent the rest of the time lounging on the patio under the parasol admiring the fruits of our labors, and planning all the things we want to do with the garden in the future. This includes digging a pond in front of the patio which will eventually have a waterfall and fountain and be lit up at night.

We did dig a hole for a pond last year at the bottom of the garden, but unfortunately have now changed our minds as to where we actually want a pond! (Actually to be more accurate Hubby dug the hole, I just supervised!) Needless to say he is not impressed at the thought of having to dig another one. The reason is because there is a large oak tree in the adjoining garden, only a few feet away from the boundary wall of the patio. Until last year this monster overhung the patio quite a lot, blocking a lot of light, particularly during the late afternoon & evening. We had been trying to get the neighbour to trim it back for a couple of years with no luck, so we thought this would be an ongoing problem.

This is why we decided to encamp to the other end of the garden where there was more sun. Unfortunately ( or fortunately), just as hubby finished digging the pond out the neighbour informed us that he had arranged to have the tree trimmed back on our side. This was great if a little badly timed. And what a difference it made. We went to work as usual that day with dark overhanging tree branches ( you could watch the squirrels running around just outside the bathroom window!) and on our return found a bright light airy patio with sun streaming on to it. WOW! and now whenever we get the chance (given the vagaries of the British weather!) we are often out on it until midnight. Hubby lights his cast iron chimenea for when it gets chilly and we have a BBQ and candles all over the place and we sit and chat for hours - lovely.

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Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again...
I just went and edited your blog title! On the Blog roll for Over 50. :o)

Sorry 'bout that. And I appreciate you telling me. Much appreciated.

Oldqueen44 said...

Thanks for stopping by.
I like the colors of your blog. Green is always good.
Your garden is beautiful. I have a pond that I dug mostly myself. One day my hubby came out to help me and being the big guy that he is did what would take me and hour in 15 minutes. I decided at that moment I was failing to use available resources. I think the "available" part was the reason.