Monday, August 04, 2008

Charmaine plays the Needs Meme!

I got this meme from Diane at Much of a Muchness. She found it at Kim’s @ Laketrees who in turn borrowed it from Sandee @ Comedy Plus who was tagged by Mimi of Mimi Writes. Mimi was tagged by Shannon’s Moments of Introspection who was tagged by Dawn’s Daily Life ……

This one is pretty simple and looks pretty silly.
The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word needs behind it and post the results.

It sounded fun so I decided to play along too. I googled ‘Charmaine’ followed by ‘needs’ and these are 12 of the 379,000 results I got. (Not a lot compared to the 17+ Million Diane got!)

1) Charmaine needs a home.
2) Charmaine needs to look this thin. (I wish!!)
3) Charmaine needs to realize that shes old. (!)
4) Charmaine needs our help raising funds.
5) Charmaine needs a place to hide out. (I kid you not!)
6) Charmaine needs one now!
7) Charmaine needs a ride!
8) Charmaine needs help. (ain't that the truth!)
9) Charmaine needs a miracle right now! (Amen!)
10) Charmaine needs an exclusive buddy.
11) Charmaine needs someone to take over.
12) Charmaine needs round- the-clock care. (Oh dear!)

Well that was a bit of fun- mind you it's harder than it looks, especially if you have an unusual name, but I got there in the end! Thanks Diane :-)

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yours turned out great. It is indeed a fun meme and you do meet lots of new folks in the process. Nice to meet you too. Have a great day. :)