Thursday, July 18, 2013

Got a marauding Wren trashing the Hanging Basket!

Aargh! The wren is back with a vengeance, got home today to find a generous sprinkling of soil on the path below the hanging basket. I've seen him disappear under the foliage on at least 5 occasions tonight, he's a real cheeky little thing. Even tried putting some netting round the area he's most interested in - to no avail. He's so cute though, I have to admit to not trying too hard. I had a look on the internet to find they are quite prone to nesting in baskets, but I'm fairly sure it's too late for him to actually be nest building, just burrowing for insects - one burrow goes a good 6 inches into the middle of the basket! so I don't feel guilty chasing him off - but I have a feeling I'm fighting a losing battle :-)

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