Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Great Idea for Conservatory or Sunroom Shading!

We've been sizzling here at between 28C & 30C for well over a week now, and although it's been lovely to get a Summer at all, and I don't suppose it can last for more than another week (not at these temperatures anyway)I can't say I'll be sorry to get somewhat cooler temperatures! Now I know that a lot of people around the world on reading this will laugh their socks off, but trust me when I say these temperatures are remarkable for the U.K., and we're just not used to them at all.

We recently moved house (one reason I haven't been blogging recently) and gained a lovely conservatory to sit in and enjoy the garden.
The thermometer has been showing 45C until I open the doors when we get home about 5pm. We are having to run two fans to keep cool, one is a large pedestal fan and the other is a smaller floor fan.

We have rigged up a couple of colourful sarees that I found on eBay to give us some shade. They shimmer with gold decoration and beadwork and are lovely either in the sunshine or by candlelight in the evening. We've just draped them from an expanding net rod at either end and over the center stantion. They are long enough that they fall almost to the floor at the back and I have made tiebacks from the sleeves of the matching blouses that sarees traditionally come with, and which were trimmed with the fancy ribbon fabric on the edge of the sarees. A great idea if you have a conservatory and need shading.

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