Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little jellybaby!

This is my new little grandson JB, or as I call him my jellybaby, cause he's just so scrumptious and squishy! He's 6 months old today and he came up to see us with his Mum yesterday. Of course I was there with the camera snapping away like crazy :-)

He gave us all such a scare on friday when his temperature suddenly shot through the roof and he started having convulsions. The next thing his mum knows is he's turning blue! Fortunately the ambulance had already been called and was there within minutes and he was whisked off to A & E which has a very good dedicated pediatric dept. He was pumped full of antiobiotics and they had quite a job to bring his temperature down by all accounts. Eventually it did return to normal but they kept him in overnight just to be on the safe side. They seemed to think it was caused by a urinary tract infection.

Anyway he woke up saturday morning as bright as a button as if nothing had happened, smiling and cooing away and just his normal happy self. Which as you can imagine was an enormous relief to everybody, especially his mum and dad. Caitibug had been visiting her mum and brother in Salisbury when all this happened, and of course she rang to tell JB's dad who made a 5 hour dash down from Manchester to be with them.

Dad Jezzy went back to Manchester yesterday and Caitibug followed later, stopping off at our place to break the journey, but it became obvious she was exhausted and we invited her to stay the night. JB decided to disturb us all at 12 o'clock and again at 4am and in the end she had to take him downstairs and the two of them slept on the sofa, where we found them this morning. Of course JB was all smiles and coos as if he hadn't been screaming his head off several times during the night! But of course we didn't mind, it was just lovely to know he was safe and well.

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