Monday, October 13, 2008

My Diet Monday: Week Three - 274lbs

In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it!". That was my reaction when I got on the scales this morning and discovered to my horror, that not only had I not lost any weight - I'd put 2lbs on!!! WTF!?

This is despite the fact I have been as good as gold this week, sticking religiously to my Slimfast milkshakes for breakfast and lunch, with just some fruit (usually a handful of grapes) as a snack and a good dinner of about 600 calories. Usually this makes my daily calorie intake between 1200 and 1500 calories. This should work!

OK so I have not had much exercise. I've been checking out the daily exercise videos that Ranae at has found on YouTube for the 3 Week Challenge on MedHelp. I did do the first couple but the last few days it's fallen by the wayside. But even so!! I am in high dudgeon, especially after the brilliant start I had of 8lbs in the first week!

Anyway, I'm determined not to let it get me down (not too much, anyway!) Onwards and downwards, will be my motto, and keep plugging away - only this week I will definitely be doing more exercise. There is no way I am not going to have some kind of loss to report next week! My journey continues - despite the odd detour!

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Ivanhoe said...

Don't get discouraged! It will get going again. Just keep doing what you doing and try to do some walking as well :o)