Sunday, October 03, 2010

I've discovered Photo Montage and Textures and I'm having a lot of fun!

These are my my first three efforts at photo montage and textures, let me know what you think! I use Photoplus X2 to do the photo manipulation and texturing and then finish off using Picnik.
 Photo Montage of Scotland's Eilean Donan Castle in a new setting with textures and created with 3 photos I took in Scotland this year.

Eilean Donan Castle:

Rocky shore:


Texture by ground*floor:

Textured frame by rubyblossom:
 Photo Montage using these great Creative Commons images:-

Thanks to JordanHill School D&T Dept for their great Abbey pic:

Thanks to pixiepic for her lovely swan:

Thanks to flickrohit for his great clouds:

Thanks to pareerica for the lovely frame texture:
Original image supplied by skagitrenee at

North Beach Across The Water

The Textures I added using a combination of PhotoPlus X2 and Picnik


Sandra Rose Hughes said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous. I especially like the first one- it looks like the cover of a gothic romance.

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