Friday, February 06, 2009

Celebrating my 5 Year Blogoversary!

My First Blog Post on 6th February 2004, I hope you enjoy it.

I was clearing out all the clutter on my side of the study on Saturday when I came across a guide book of the Brighton Pavilion which I'd visited a few years ago. Showed it to Ian and he suggested driving to Brighton, which is on the south coast, the next day as he had never been there. So on Sunday we were in Brighton (only took 2 hours from Poole) by 12 o'clock and went straight to the Royal Pavilion ( What a place! The Banqueting Room with the huge Chandeliers suspended from Dragons, the silver gilt plate displayed on the sideboards and the great dining table laid ready for a banquet.
The whole huge room decorated completely in the most lavish and ornate Chinoiserie style has to be seen to be believed. Then more beautiful rooms until you come to the Music Room,
even more stunning! Then upstairs to see Queen Victorias apartments. There was even a micro mosaic portrait of the Prince Regent made by the workshops of the Vatican out of tiny pieces of coloured marble.
You couldnt tell it was a mosaic unless you looked really closely. I couldnt resist pointing it out to some American ladies behind us who were amazed when they realised what it was.
After lunch in the Princess Adelaide Tearooms in the Pavilion we wandered around The Lanes, a maze of little alleys full of jewellery and antique shops, then wandered down to the (very shingly) beach and had a look at Brighton Pier. Although it was cold it was a beautiful sunny day and we had had a lovely afternoon in Brighton and we are now looking forward to celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day (Feb 14th) next week.


Kate said...

Hey Charmaine - Happy Anniversary! Holy cow, I can't believe you've been blogging that long.
I wanted to leave you a quick note because I'd love to see a picture of your bathroom! Hopefully none of the neighbors saw you guys in the shower. lol

Zriz said...

Wow! 5 years of blogging?! Congratulations Charmaine!