Friday, November 21, 2008

What is it with Teenage Boys?

It's been 4 weeks since the Boy Wonder moved in with us and I think we've only seen him a couple of times! Well that's what it feels like, as he spends all his time up in his bedroom, and most of it is spent on his laptop playing World of Warcraft. Well he is 17, and apparently this is fairly normal behaviour for this age! At least according to my friends at work who also have teenage children, particularly boys.

I think poor hubby had this idyllic vision of the two of them spending time together and bonding - yeah right! He has however, been sadly disillusioned, particularly now the first few weeks are over and he can see what the future holds. The first week he took time off work to run around various colleges, training centres & job agencies with the BW, trying to organise him into the world of work or get some training.

He had been accepted by an agricultural college for a course in animal management (I think he had ideas about working in a zoo or somewhere like Woburn) but at the very last minute he changed his mind and decided he didn't want to do it (Don't you just love them?) but he has no idea what it is he does want to do - if anything!

Unfortunately with the recession looming large this is not the ideal time to be job searching. He does have about 12 GCSE's so he's not stupid, just aimless and I think hubby has got fed up of being the one doing all the 'driving' and decided to just get Christmas and New Year over with before giving him a kick up the proverbials.

At least he's not costing us a lot to keep at the moment, which is one way of looking at it and we only see him at meal times :-)

Unfortunately he is occupying the room that used to be my study and I had to clear out all my books etc. Two large bookcases, which we managed to accommodate in the other two spare bedrooms, the smaller of which we use as an ironing room and the larger of which is my dressing room, which doubles as a guest room. However I still have a large stack of boxes of books, papers, photo albums and other paraphenalia piled on the sofa bed and on the floor, so when my daughter came to visit with my grandson for a few nights at the weekend, I was unable to accommodate them in that room, so they had to sleep on the sofa in the lounge!

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Tim said...

Ha Ha! Sounds like my 17 year old son and his computer / xbox games. I assure you, this is quite common behavior, yet still frustrating :)