Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Diet Monday: Week 6 - 266lbs (1 stone lost)

Delighted to report another loss of a further 2lbs, making a total of 14lbs lost and my first stone accomplished! So well chuffed :-) I have been really good again this week, avoiding temptation like the plague. The girls at work are now very good and know not to tempt me with all the sweets, cakes and other goodies that frequently go around the office. The only cloud on the horizon is a cake sale being held on friday for Children in Need Day, but I was very good and avoided the one they held last month completely, so should be OK this time round.

Still using the Slimfast milkshakes for meal replacements for breakfast and lunch and then having a normal dinner in the evenings. I've had fajitas, spag bol, roast pork and beef strogonoff (with oven chips!) this week. I just eat what I want until I feel full and then stop, irrespective of how much food is left on my plate. This seems to work very effectively and I plan on continuing this regime until the end of the year and hopefully lose another stone. I have definitely noticed an improvement in the size of my bottom and hips (I've stopped doing the Jabba the Hutt impression!) and I can fit into clothes I certainly couldn't a month ago, but there's plenty in my wardrobe I can't fit yet and that's one of my incentives.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to report another loss, but until then I shall stay focused and determined :-)

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Mira said...

Way to go girl! I admire you for your steadfast self-control to stay away from sweets, I need that, LOL. Hey I've got a tag for you, when you get the chance, pls grab it here http://www.mirasblog.com/2008/11/pink-sisterhood.html Have a great day!