Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New 3 column look for Blog!

As anyone who has visited in the last few days will have noticed, the blog has been undergoing something of a transformation. I have been in the process of converting from a 2 column layout to 3 columns. Not an easy process, especially with all the 'stuff' I have on my sidebar.

It was precisely because of these that I made the decision to try for a 3'er as my sidebar was becoming far too long. Initially I created another Blogger blog that I called 'Test' then downloaded a 3 column template from an excellent website called Webtalks. Here you will find a good selection of free to download XML templates which will work with the new Blogger {blogger beta}.Most of them are 3 columned ones.

Having created this layout I then copied over all the widgets and settings from this blog to it, thinking I could then carry it back over once set up. As you can imagine this is a very time consuming and fiddley way to go about it, with no guarantee of success when you try porting it over to the original blog. Especially given Bloggers propensity to have a hissy fit and produce error messages left & right!

However, on Monday I found a much easier solution to the problem while Googling about 3 column blogging. I came across a great site called Blogger Buster and an article titled 'Create a 3 column Blogger template', which of course was exactly what I was looking for!

With the advice provided I was able to insert a couple of very short pieces of code into my existing html template for this blog, to create the 3rd column. I had a few problems initially with the spacing and columns not appearing in the right places etc. But after reading all the comments, several of which had the same problems, I was able to sort it out using the solutions provided.

Having got all 3 columns in the right places and with the right sizing and spacing I then had to resize a lot of my widgets, which mainly consisted of going back to the original providers and either resetting the code provided or remaking the widget to fit.

This process is now complete and I am very pleased with the result. I have also reinstated my peacock background - I missed it and was only using the other one as a Halloween theme.

All this also explains why I have not had time to post for 'My Diet Monday', 'Ruby Tuesday' or 'Wordless Wednesday' this week, or doing much EC card dropping. But normal service has now been resumed and I will be posting regularly and try and catch up with all my EC card droppers as soon as possible.

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CC said...

I am from Texas visiting your beautiful blog, via BATW. I love your site..the way your blog is set is wonderful..I could never do something so complicated..
Come visit in Texas... :)