Sunday, April 06, 2008

Waking up to a Winter Wonderland in April!

We woke up to a real surprise this morning. Having let the dogs out before bed at 1am this morning with it raining a bit, imagine our surprise on getting up at 7am to find the place looking like something off a Christmas card. We must have had about 2 inches in just a few hours. They had given for some snow, but going on what we normally have here we had no idea it would be anything like this. It has been a glorious morning with blue skies & sun so although the snowing is thawing its just blowing off the trees and hedges rather than dripping. I have posted a few photos of the view from the back of the house to enjoy, click on the pics for a better view. (you may have to refresh your screen when you view these pics cause its returning people to the previous post rather than this one)

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Liane said...

Hi! This is Liane, a.k.a Webloggr. I don't know how to contact you really. You requested for me to check your widget remember?

I'll just say it here on the comment section. =D
Here's my tip: widgets that involve texts and feeds (example is the recent posts, archive, labels) should be placed first before those with graphix. Profiles are placed by ProBloggers either on a seperate page on their blog or on the lower part or the layout (anywhere near the footer or on it).

The "my other website" widget was actually a feed of the recent posts on your other blog. I suggest you change it to another form, not complicated and not involving any graphix. Just go to your edit layout page, click add an element on the sidebar, choose add a feed, type in

That's much easier an neater than the clashing recent posts graphix.

I think you're missing an important widget, Social Bookmarking widget. And lastly, it's not concerning the widgets but I recommend you change your add look into something that would complement your blog. (Link color should be the same).

I hope your not into the conclusion that I've 'murdered your blog'. =D. I'm just here 'really' trying to help.

Have a happy blogging! And if you have any problems, you know where to find me.

-Liane a.k.a Webloggr from