Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wayhaaa! I've won on the lottery!!!!!!

OK - dont get too excited! It was only 5 numbers and as it was in the office syndicate I have to share it with 11 other girls. But its still given me £200 ($400)I didn't have this morning. So as you can imagine we have all spent the day planning how we are going to spend our ill gotten gains. Hubby has already told me I have to pay for the drinks when we go to the Red Lion tomorrow night. Well that's not going to break the bank! Anyway after some discussion with hubby tonight I have decided to splash out on the garden (I can hear you all going Whaaat! how boring is that!!!!)I admit it kind of spoils the rock chick image, but actually I'll get more pleasure from that than any amount of new clothes. I'm strictly a jeans and t-shirt type of girl anyway.

The problem is we stripped the garden last year pretty much (it's 60 years old and needed a revamp). The plan is to put in a new pond (we have actually dug it out, but the weather last year was so atrocious that's as far as we got). I have great plans for a waterfall and fountain with goldfish & lilies and flowerbeds with lots of roses, clematis, wisteria etc. I just want a riot of colour basically!. This will be the second garden that we have transformed (If anyone wants to see the first go here). So I can't wait for the spring and all that lovely shopping at the Garden Centre!

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