Saturday, December 18, 2004

Should have gone to the opticians today for my new specs but somehow just couldn't get the energy to make the effort - plus the thought of all those crowds doing their Christmas shopping was enough to put the kybosh on that plan. Will just have to wait until after Christmas, tough! Ian went up to Salisbury to see his kids this morning so I had a lovely lazy morning with the Creatures from the Black Lagoon. Had intended taking Max for his first walk today but as its been raining too much had to resort to putting him on his new lead and walking him up and down the landing! He does seem to be getting more used to it so hopefully when we do finally get to take him out he'll be as quick as Pepsi was.

Although he's a pure bred scotty dog he looks more like a daschund as he has a long body with very short legs. Our vet tells us this is normal and as he gets older he'll start looking more like a proper scotty, but he's so comical looking at the moment we can't help but laugh.

Well we finally got round to starting to put up the Christmas decs this afternoon. Two long multi coloured rope lights draped around the study, along with an optic fibre xmas tree and candle bridge lights in each of the 3 windows. looks great from outside. Ian actually bumped into some of the neighbours who live opposite and they were asking when we were going to put the decs up as they enjoy them so much so he was able to tell them they'd see them when they get home. Still have to put the tree up in the lounge and decorate that and also the outside lights. Icicle lights round the bay window and multi colour lights down the length of the fence. Oh nearly forgot the curtain lights for the lounge windows! So still a lot to do! Looks like we're going to be busy tomorrow, as we still have to clear out the spare bedroom for Sam and Kieran to stay when they come for Xmas. Arrrgh!!!!

Pepsi has finally mastered coming down the stairs on his own which is great as it was getting to be a pain having to carry him down every time he needed to go out. I attempted to get Max to go up on his own but he wasn't having any of it and I could see he was still too small really so it'll be a little while before he can make it.

Ian came back from the supermarket with the ham for Christmas and is buried in recipes as to which is the best way to prepare it with glazes and cloves and the whole shooting match. He's having so much fun planning the Christmas Dinner. He's got a special turkey on order and is going to prepare it the way he did last year which was superb. He cooks the crown and legs seperately and stuffs the legs before wrapping them in buttered foil. Last year they were sensational. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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